Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I finished my Thesis.. I still got to fix some stuff after my Teacher reads it.. Im sure.. But it's 99% done, let's say!!! I can't believe it.. its just surreal.. I'd like to thank the universe and every single person that has helped me cuz i really trully thought I would never make it..!!! This is a list of THANK YOUS in a lot of different languages.. just because Im happy :)

  • Afrikaans (Africa) - Dankie

  • Albanian - Faleminderit

  • Arabic - Sukran

  • Arabic - Shukran Gazillan (Thank you very much)

  • Armenian - shur-nur-ah-gah-lem

  • Australian - Thoinks, Moite!

  • Basque Country (between France and Spain) - Eskerrik asko (Thank you very much)

  • Bengali - Dhannyabad

  • Bulgarian - Blagodaria

  • Bosnia - Hvala

  • Burma(Myanmar) - Jae Zu Din Pa De (Thank you)

  • Cameroon (Duala) - Na som (thanks)

  • Cameroon (Duala) - Na som djita (Thank you very much)

  • Cantonese - M'goy (sp? -- thank you for the service)

  • Cantonese - Do jey (sp? -- thank you for the gift)

  • Catalonia (catalan) - gràcies [grah'-si-es] estandard

  • Catalonia (catalan) - moltes gràcies [many thanks]

  • Catalonia (catalan) - merci [mer'-si] very colloquial

  • Cherokee Nation - Wado (Thank you)

  • Cherokee (Eastern) - Skee (Thank you)

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - Xie_Xie (shieh shieh)

  • Chinese (Cantonese) Mh goi (m-ghoh-ee) (informal: thanks)

  • Chinese (Cantonese) Do jeh (tou yeh) (formal: thanks)

  • Cook Islander - Kia Manuia

  • Croatia - Hvala Czech – Dekuji (deh'-ku-yih)

  • Danish - tak (tahg)

  • Dutch - dank U wel (dahnk you well) (formal: thank you very much)

  • Dutch - bedankt / dank je wel (dahnk ye well) (informal: thanks) - WEL is 'good', like "I wish you well"

  • Dutch - Dank U zeer / duizend maal dank (thank you VERY much) - a superlative and used when you get stuck in a thunderstorm, then lost, mugged, robbed, etc. And someone helps you. Only then. ZEER is 'very'. JE and U are 'you', but informal and formal. (still alive in old english like in 'ye olde'). "Duizend maal" means a 'thousand times'.

  • Dutch - hartelijk dank (thanks from the heart) Another formal form used in contexts like: "thanks for coming/inviting" (to a wedding, birthday party) or when receiving a formal present. English - Thanks awfully, old boy

  • Esperanto - Dankon (thank you)

  • Esperanto - Dankegon (thank you very much)

  • Estonia - Aitäh

  • Ewe Togo (Africa) - Akpé (Appé)

  • Ewe Togo (Africa) - Apké na wo (Thanks to you)

  • Fijian - Vinaka

  • Fijiab - Vinaka vaka levu (Thank you very much)

  • Finnish - kiitos (kee'-toas)

  • Fon Benin (Africa) - Kpè nu wé

  • French - merci (mehr-see')

  • French - Merci Madame - Thanks (to a woman)

  • French - Merci Mademoiselle - Thanks (to a young girl)

  • French - Merci Monsieur - Thanks (to a man)

  • F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia) - Hvala

  • Gambia (Mandinka) - Abarka

  • Georgia(Sakartvelo) - madlobt (thank you)

  • Georgia(Sakartvelo) - didi madloba (thank you very much)

  • German - Danke (dahn'-kuh)

  • German - Danke schoen (literally: nicely thank you, outdated)

  • German - Danke sehr (Thank you very much)

  • German -Vielen Dank (Many Thanks)

  • Greek - Efharisto (ef-har-ris-tou')

  • Greek - Efkaristo poly

  • Guarani - Aguije (ah-we-JAY) native indian language of Paraguay and Western Brazil

  • Guinea (Mandinka) - Abarka

  • Gujarathi (India) - Aabar

  • Hawaiian - Mahalo

  • Hebrew - Toda (toh-dah')

  • Hebrew - Toda raba (thank you very much)

  • Hindi (India National Language) - Dhanyavaad

  • Hindi - Shukriyaa

  • Hungarian - Köszönöm (kuh'-suh-nuhm)

  • Icelandic - Þakka þér fyrir

  • Icelandic - Takk (informal)

  • Indonesian - Terima kasih (teh-ri-mah kah-sih)

  • Indonesian - Terima Kasih Banjak/Banyak (Both pronounced bunyuk - Thank you very much)

  • Iran (Persia) - Moteshakeram (formal)

  • Iran (Persia) - Merci (informal - just like french but r in this word is pronounced as /r/ )

  • Irish - Go raibh maith agat ( Thank you "Go - Rev - Mah - Agut") (literally, may you have good things)

  • Irish - Go raibh mile maith agat ( Thank you very much "Go - Rev - Meela - Mah - Agut") (literally, may you have a thousand good things)

  • Irish (Northern) - Nice one bro'r, or Cheers mucker!

  • Italian - Grazie (grahts'-yeh)

  • Italian - Grazie tanto (many thanks - cordial version)

  • Italian - Mille Grazie (a thousand thanks)

  • Japanese - Arigato (ah-ree-gah'-toh) or A_Ree_Ga_Tou_Go_Zai_Ma_Su

  • Japanese - Domo arrigato

  • Javanese - Matur nuwun

  • Jive - Thanks mon - Appropriate only if directed to a male

  • Kannada (India) - Dhan-ya-vaadaa (spoken in S India, in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.)

  • Konkani (West coast - Konkan coast of India - It also is the state official language of Goa) - Dev boren koru (thank you - literally means " May God do good to you" as that is the way we thank people. )

  • Korean - Kamsa hamaida (kam'-sah hum-nee-dah' ) - Paldies

  • Lithuanian - Achu

  • Luganda (Uganda) - Waybale (Thank you)

  • Luganda (Uganda) - Waybale Nyo (Thank you very much)

  • Malayalam (South Indian Language) - Nandi

  • Malayalam (India) - Nani

  • Malaysian - Terima Kasih ("Tay ree ma Kaa seh")

  • Mali (Mandinka) - Abarka

  • Mandinka - Abarka (language of West Africa; The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea and Mali)

  • Maori - Kia
  • Manuia Nepali -- (Nepal National Language) - Dhan-ya-vaad New Zealand - Cheers - LOL

  • New Zealand - Kiaora Koe (NZ Maori)

  • New Zealand - Kiaora Korua (NZ Maori)

  • New Zealand - Kiaora Koto (NZ Maori)

  • New Zealand - Kiaora Tatou (NZ Maori)

  • Nigeria (Hausa) - Na gode

  • Norwegian - Takk (tahkk)

  • Oman - Shakkran

  • Palauan - soolong (Republic of Palau)

  • Paraguay (Guarani) - Aguije (ah-we-JAY)

  • Persian/Farsi - Mam'noon or Mo'teshake'ram (Spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries)

  • Philippines Tagalog - Salamat

  • Philippines - Maraming Salamat (thank you very much)

  • Polish - Dziekuje (dsyehn-koo-yeh)

  • Portuguese - Obrigada (Female)

  • Portuguese - Obrigado (Male) (oh-bree-gah'-doh)

  • Portuguese - Muito Obrigado (Thank you very much)

  • Portuguese - Muito Obrigado com Voce (have my personal thanks)

  • Punjabi [ Pakistan and India] - Bhala Hove

  • Qatar - Shakkran Romanian - Multumesc (phonetic: mooltzoomeask)

  • Romanian - Va multumim frumos (great thanks)

  • Russian - Spasiba (spah-see'-boh)

  • Russian - Blagodaryu (a little official)

  • Russian - Premnogo blagodaren (my greater thanks - words said to bosses by workers)

  • Russian - Spasibo balshoye (big thanks)

  • Samoan - Fa'afetai (fah-ah-feh-ta-e - thank you)

  • Samoan - Fa'afetai tele lava (Thank you very much)

  • Samoan - Talofa Saulteaux Indians (Manitoba, Canada) - Miigwech (meegweech) -- there are similar spellings in other native languages such as Cree, etc.

  • Scottish - Cheers

  • Scot's Gaelic (Informal) - Tapadh Leat (tah-puh let)

  • Scot's Gaelic (Formal) - Tapadh Leibh (tah-puh lave)

  • Scot's Gaelic (Many Thanks) - Moran

  • Taing Senegal (Mandinka) - Abarka Serbo - Croat -Hvala Slovakia – Dakujem (deh'-ku-yem) South Africa - Dankie ("Dung-Key")

  • South Africa - Baie Dankie (thanks very much - "Buyer Dung-Key")

  • Spanish - Gracias (grah'-syas)

  • Spanish - Gracias a todos (Thank you all)

  • Spanish - Muchas gracias (thank you very much, literally: many thanks) While Dutch people scarcely use the superlative forms, the Spanish don't use the minimalistic forms much (mostly in informal context). In Spanish, when a flyer is shoved into your hands, its worth a 'gracias', you normally use 'muchas gracias'.

  • Spanish - Muchisimas gracias (thank you VERY much) - to someone who was useful to you.

  • Spanish - un millón de gracias (a million thanks) - for when someone saves your life.

  • Spanish (Latin America, informal) - Te pasastes. (informal) <---- LOOL

  • Spanish (Latin America, informal) - Se pasó. (formal) Which means "You went over the line", or "thanks for going out of your way to help me". When used, it will get you a smile, guaranteed.

  • Sundanese - Nuhun

  • Sunda - Hatur Nuhun

  • Swahili - Ahsante (ah-sahn'-teh)

  • Swahili - Ahsante Sana (Thank you very much)

  • Swedish - Tack (tahkk)

  • Swedish - Tack så mycket

  • Tahitian - Maururu

  • Tamil (India) - Nandri ("Nun-dry" spoken in South India, Singapore, Malaysia)

  • Teenager - Telungu (South Indian Language)- Manjuthe

  • Thai - Khob Khun Kha (Feminine) Thai - Khob Khun Krab (Masculine) Thai - Khop Khun Mak (Thank you very much) Thai - Khop Khun Mak Kha (Feminine) Thai - Khob Khun Mak Krab (Masculine) Thai - Khob Pra Khun Kha (Formal feminine) Thai - Khob Pra Khun Krab (Formal masculine)

  • Tibetan - Thuk Ji Chhe

  • Turkish - Tesekkurler ( teh-sheh-keur eh-deh-rim)

  • Turkish - Çok tesekkur ederim (big thanks)

  • Turkish - Saðol (thank you)

  • Turkish - Saðolun (thank you - "saol")

  • Turkish - Tesekkurler (thanks - "teshekkyurler")

  • U.S. & Canada - Thank You United States (South) - Thanks y'all

  • Ukranian - Dyakuyu

  • Urudu (India) - Shukria

  • Urudu (India) - Bahut Bahut Shukriyaa

  • Urdu [Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh] - Maherbani

  • Urdu (Pakistan) - Shukria

  • Urdu (Pakistan) -Bahut Shukria ( Thank you very much)

  • Urdu (Pakistan) - Bahut Bahut Shukria ( Thank you very very much)

  • Uzbekistan (Uzbek) - Rahmat (Thanks)

  • Uzbekistan (Uzbek) - Katta Rahmat (Thanks a lot)

  • Vietnamese - Kam ouen Wales/Cymru - Diloch yn fawr (thank you very much)

  • Wales/Cymru - Diolch (thanks)

  • Xhosa (Africa) - Nkosi

  • Yemen - Shakkran

  • Yiddish - A dank

  • Yiddish - Yasher Koach (KOY-ACH)

  • Yoruba - Modupe

  • Yugoslavia - Hvala

  • Zulu - Ngiyabonga

Its not over yet, but Im almost there...!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I'd like to say to my children

This is me when I was 3 :P

I saw something in a random magazine someday while I was travelling and it left an impression on me..

I've always been surprised about the concept of the homeless. Some people say they're happy that way.. Im not so sure about it.. Of course its way more complicated than that. There's the mental health issue.. and you can't force them to take medication (it actually made me think of the soloist, have u seen that movie?? it's very good :)).. Ok so, the thing is that I'd never seen so many homeless people in my life (not in NYC, not in Paris, not in mexico city..) as when I was in San Francisco, California. A friend told me that they go all the way to California cuz it's warmer..
But well, I started this thing because of a less complicated issue..

In that magazine I read, there were 2 things that I thought were very accurate in terms of advicing my kids (I want to write a letter now so they can open it in 20 years -or more- maybe then I'll have a little more credibility as I was writing it while young and "cool" LOOOL sounds so nerdish.. but u get what I mean, I guess) -its not that I have kids already, ok? hahaha-:

a. Think about all the things that had to happen (and didn't) for you to be here.
b. When you see a homeless person remember: you're 3 bad decisions and 4 unlucky days away from being him or her. Treat that person with dignity.
c. Always listen to your parents.. they're at least 25 years older than you, so they know best. Really. Really.

---to be continued. Lack of creativity hahaha...

Mom when she was 6 and dressed up as a Doll. Just Lovely.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Un genio: Alberto Montt..!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My voice recital

Coming next november or maybe december, this is the list of songs I've been working on with my dad:

The concert will be split in 4 parts:

I. Italian Classics
1. Amarilli.......................... Caccini
2. Lasciatemi morire!...... Monteverdi
3. Vittoria, mio core!........ Carissimi
4. Caro mio ben................ Giordani
5. Se tu m'ami.................. Pergolesi
6. Lascia ch'io pianga....... Handel
7. Il mio bel foco............... Marcello

II. German Romantics

1.Widmung................... Schumann
2. Die Lotosblume....... Schumann
3. Der Leiermann........ Schubert
4. An die Musik........... Schubert

III. Populars in spanish

1. Canción de cuna para dormir un negrito...... Montsauvage

2. A la orilla del palmar....................................... Manuel M. Ponce
3. Un rayito de sol............................................... Guty Cárdenas
4. Íntima............................................................... Tata Nacho
5. Canción rusa con letra de Carlos Pimentel

IV. Populars in English (Gershwin):

1. Someone to watch over me
2. The man I love
3. Embraceable you
I'm working hard.. it's going to be a nice concert.. tough next two months!!!
I hope I can see all of you there :) and then we can enjoy a big party!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ana according to Facebook.

Ok so yeah, I lose most of my precious & valuable thesis time on Facebook solving stupid quizzes, so why not make a nice compendium out of them to see if we can find a pattern!

So here we go..

If I had a genius inside, it would be Aristotle.. If I was an Alice in wonderland character, I would be the CAT.. According to my friends, I would get out of trouble by smiling, I would dance the night away and be the most creative. According to them, I also have the best hair, Im the best singer and dancer and Im very comfident (hahah)..

If my life was a movie it would be a comedy. If I was a female action hero I'd be either Superwoman or Princess Leia (pretty cool). If I fell for a certain kind of boy it would be either the funny frat boy or the intelectual nerdy one. I would be Snoopy if I was a Peanuts character, I'd be Krusty the Clown if I lived in Springfield but I could also be Apu.

If I was a drink I would be Tequila or Red wine.. According to the IQ test I have 113 points but in the Traveller IQ Im pretty much an idiot.

-so far we can calculate that I lost like 2339387 hours in FB. I still have information.-

Im 56% spoiled (I think that's way too modest), I'd be Ted Bundy if I was a serial killer and Fidel Castro if I was a dictator. As an Indian God I would be Krishna and if I was a book, I would be a horror novel.

Im 75% cute vs. 25% sexy. If I was a literature character I'd be Hamlet and in Chinese Philosophy I would be Mozi (??). If I was an art movement I would be surrealism, and amongst the Greek Gods, I'm Thanatos!

If I was a painting I would be Munch's Scream, and if I was a musical instrument I would be a piano.

My love language is Acts of service, my brain age is 22, if I was a Southpark character I'd be that guy that says mmmmK ? all the time..

My ideal guy should be italian and my real nationality should be french.

How about that bunch of BS?? Did you enjoy? Me either!!! hahaha I just felt the need to steal some good time from your life, time you won't get back ever!!! hahaha Who am I kidding? I have 3 readers.. thanks for passing by!!! :P

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In case you can't sleep, u can read this. Or not.

Hey there hey there.. My blog was not dead, it was just partying (awful translation for the mexican phrase No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda).. or I was just lacking commitment haha -as usual!!-.. but anyways, Im back home on this virtual desert, where I share my secrets with my 3 readers and myself. So well.. wow, Im amazed about how fast time goes by.. still I remember my US trip as it was 2 weeks ago. I want to post my favourite pics of it and I will soon enough. My laptop is dead for some unknown problem from hell and I cant fix it cuz I cant find the computer guy's number.. ha..!

So well I will just post stupid things Ive been thinking about (and that every blogger has on itr blog eventually, hoho) writing a list of things I like. Maybe someday if virtual society lasts forever, my child will read it and think Im super cool or maybe not and I will read it later and feel embarassed and erase it hahaha no.. I think I like myself and I will think I was supercool.. dooh.. ok, I'll start, cuz I think Ive written so much already that all my fans have left my blog by now hahaha

1. I like waking up and feeling my feet bones pop while I walk
2. I like mornings and waking up early
3. I like crazy shoes & accesories

4. I like to stare at people and imagine their lifes
5. I like wandering on cities I dont know
6. I love old bookstores & getting lost for hours, sitting on the floor with lots of books around me. And not necessarily buying.
7. I like weird people
8. I like drinking on baby bottles
9. I like eating!!

10. I like giving away smiles!!
11. I like free hugging but Im not sure I would do it anywhere hahaha specially in Mexico.. booo..!!
12. I think I would like to crash on a wedding or something like that
13. I like mixing up languages while I talk

14. I like to use very little water
15. I like to show off.. damn!
16. I dont like that Im a show off
17. I like men a lot :)
18. I like women! I think -almost- every woman has something nice :D
19. I like being a bit mean sometimes.. (come on, everybody loves it )
20. But I love being nice

21. I get shivers and extreme happiness when Im around art (mostly museums, concerts, architecture or dancing)

22. I like maps and figuring out directions.
23. I love children and I think I would babysit but I still feel it would be awful to be a mother right now hahaha
24. I like typing without looking at the keyboard (and Im proud Im fast hahaha)
25. I like talking to any random person I find when Im travelling
26. I like my CS profile hahaha
27. I like food with "errors" like cold pizza or anything right out of the fridge
28. I like quotes from songs when they have something to do with a situation hahaha
29. I like goofing around

30. I would disguise myself SO often..
31. I love mexican folk clothes but I would look like a piñata so I dont wear them jahah
32. I love fake nails but I dont use them often cuz Im cheap and I think they're stupid but I love them.. but they're stupid..

33. I think dressing up is unnecessary and kind of arcaic but I like it. I think the same about high heels and I still wear them.
34. I would love to have an orphanage and then train generations of kids to become artists and create a ballet company, LOL
35. I like to knit so much!! I like old lady stuff like baking and crosspoint, ha!

36. I like to watch people draw and I keep their drawings

37. I like waking up next to the guy I like :)
38. I used to have dreams with natural disasters (like a tsunami that hit my hotel once haha) or people that were chasing me to kill me & stuff haha
39. I like NONSENSE

40. I like NONSENSE
41. I like repeating.
42. I have a feeling that Im destined to do something BIG but I do nothing about it and just wait for something EXTRAORDINARY to happen yet I know its very likely not to happen.
42. I dont like that I talk a lot sometimes :(
43. Sometimes I seriously think Im losing it. Seriously.
44. Im an absolute fan of Monty python & Les Luthiers
45. I could live out of cheese & thaï food.
46. I dance on public places when Im happy

47. I think about corepgraphies when Im listening to music and sometimes its annoying cuz I cant help it.
48. Im jealous about my closest friends and I wish they'd all be bachelors, lol

49. I still like when my mom pampers me
50. I GO CRAZY WITH SPRINGBOARDS but I dont like to get all sweaty on them
51. I want to go to the gym but I hate to dress for it cuz I hate how I look.
51. I get all anxious about big libraries and I get the feeling of nothingness..
52. I love visiting cemeteries and wonder about those people's lifes..
53. I also like to look at old, broken, little or lost tombs and take a minute to think about people underneath them as I feel they're alone.
54. I like geography a lot.
55. I like eating brekfast early in the morning and in the garden.
56. I love sitting in parks and walking barefooted on the grass.
57. I like my big nose, my big eyes and my big legs (although I never find jeans my size)

58. Ive decided I will only wear dresses and spandez and be happy and comfortable
59. I think it's hilarious that I have to check if my doggie is still breathing while he's sleeping cuz he's super old..

60. I love penpals and Im a great one.
61. I get super thrilled and excited about developping pictures and picking them up.
62. I like my Bomba Rosa nickname!!! :D Thanks, bro!! My brother's message: EL APODO ME LO PUSO MI HERMANO QUES UN CHINGÓN. SI QUIEREN UNO COMO EL MÍO HABLEN CON ÉL.

63. I have lots of friends and I really love every single one. Im so corky.
64. I love to compete (although I'd love to be sporty, I love arty or intellectual competitions)
65. I like exams!!!!! YES I DO!! But only when Im good or know the answers, lol

66. Its a pleasure to write with good ortography in spanish (in english too, but ironically I didnt know how to properly write this phrase)
67. I love zombie movies!! The whole zombie concept is awesome!!
68. I love kitsch stuff and when I have my appt ouff.. it'll be full of it.

69. I also love flea markets but I get grossed out of 2nd hand clothes hahaha
70. When I tavel the only thing I dont hesitate about buying are books & postcards.
71. When I was a child I used to be gentle with my stuff animals cuz I thought otherwise they would hurt me in my sleep.
72. I would have deffinetily ( I hate that word, I never know how to write it) lived in the Art Déco era :)
73. I DO believe there's a Prince Charming for me, ha! But I try to be a Princess Charming myself! :P
74. When I was a teenager I used to draw comics.
75. When I visit a museum on my own I often start talking to random visitors about what Im looking at.
76. Watching the "Picasso et les maîtres" exhibit in Paris was one of the happiest moments in my life.

77. I absolutely LOVE swings!!!!

78. I love my fridge magnets

79. I love collage!

...To be continued 'till infinity.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super cool and kitsch... and timeless

This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.. haha seriously!!
This is pure art..!!! And in the middle of the 1929 crisis..
I hope you enjoy at least a little :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

"...If you cooome.. to Saaan Fraaaan-ciscoooooo... "

So yeah here we are in this wonderful city once again... for the 3rd time hahaha.. and won't ever get tired of it. 3 wonderful experiences with beautiful people each trip. I've got each time more pictures and less words for you awesome readers who will spend 15 average fullfilling minutes "reading" a blog which this time happens to be mine..! Im so lucky to have your presence here on the hallways of your home-blog. Feel free to leave (don't) anytime (not really, I will feel offended).
Ok.. so.. amm.. China Town pictures
A guy my friend Saiman might hire for next chinese new year thing.. playing at the hallway recieving guests.. nice. We'll have to come back to be at the party!! What do you say, garlic man?

Some more pics.
We were walking and found some books flying and their words lying on the floor:
Not even a bit cliché..

Mother's day in chinese

Saiman adding the final touch to our chinese meal:

Somewhere near Union Square, I really like this thing of sticking cards on your bike's wheels :)Here I am as a ghost in JapanTown: Happy Cherry Blossom Day by the way...

So this are two girls watching the Festival. It was crazy.. everyone dressed up as Cartoon characters, lol... like this guy, who worked hard all day, taking pictures.. I dunno how he was still alive, as it was friggin hooooooooot and he was wearing that.. hehehe

And now some hippie stuff from Haight & Ashbury.. We went to Amoeba store, where I get really anxious about the 3000 titles they have.. so I just waited outside while homeless people offered me pot. Cute hahaha
A street musician.. actually part of a pretty good band.. I filmed a short part of one of their songs.. I'll upload a video section tomorrow or the next day maybe :)
So.. that's pretty much it, people.. today.. hot day.. HOT day. I just decided to hang out inside the house to wait for the day to cool down a bit and to be over soon (I just want it to be tomorrow already). Later maybe some dance lessons but Im feeling a little down misssing people & stuff.. Maybe it will cheer me up. I dunno.. Maybe I'll just keep on with the collage project Ive started. More about the collage project soon :)

I miss you, BJK, lol... Tomorrow...!!!

San Diego emotional journey.

Well hello there my faithful fellow followers, friends; impressive number of readers.
I know you had a hard time cuz I dissapeared this week but I'm a nice girl so I'll take my time to tell you about my trip and so then you will enjoy yourselves till unimagined states of mind
So last week I was @ my aunt's place in San Diego, but I didn't have wireless so couldnt reallyy post any pictures, but from now on you won't get rid of me that easy (ñ.ñ)
So my aunt had this huge backyard makeover.. hawaiian area; fountains, waterfalls, flowers, etc.. That's serious! Fun stuff: they had this bee fight with african bees which attacked the Bee killing company guy.. I have no pics of that. booOoOo (Ok its not that funny, he got hit in the cheeck!)
But I have a pic of the truck and my aunt bossing. She's great at bossing. :D

We went to IMAX dome thing to watch OceanOasis show..wOoOwoow.. we went to the zoo.. we went to see my cousin.. it was his birthday. BTW, he won -again- California's Attorney of the Year Award (something like that.. :O) here's a pic of him and my aunty and his sweet girlfriend.. (she's half cuban but speaks no spanish.. BooO) She's beautiful and sweet. She gave me a whole bottle of ice tea.. yummi.
Well here are some of the ZoOoOo pics.. I was so excited!! I walked like stupid trying to find the apes and I found elephants, giraffes, koala bears, birdies..!! Awesome. Expensive too hahaha.. A Coke 5 dollars.. Dang. I just refilled my water bottle on the bathroom. Very healthy and sexy! hahah

some more animal pics: ELEPHANT SHOES!!! ;)

If there was a cuteness contest, this guy would win:

Ok so.. I also visited Old Town.. which is kind of a terrible turistic thing imitating Mexico hahaha but it was fun.. anyways, I met this nice CS named Taylor and went out eating Thaï.. Then headed to his place to chill.. He had a party the night before so he cleant the whole time, LOL Here he is: haaaa funny.


Then umm.. Well, here you have oldtown pictures..

In front of very beautiful barbie dolls and with my new grannie sunglasses, which I LOVE.

Looking absolutely gorgeous. LOL

@ the bay area..

Mm... what else? Aw the other day I had this huge emotional breakdown.. homesick.. missing my family, missing Brent. Dang!!! I cried like a baby for hours and couldnt sleep.. but watched youtube videos -since I didnt have msn-.. I found an amazing variation from a ballet called Bayadera.. I'll post the video later.. It kind of saved my night. I also decided to stay a couple more days in SD.. I needed COZY baaaad.This is me watching ballet and you can see my TIRED expression!!

That's what you get when you have an anxiety attack. Ok.. aw, and last tuesday I went to Balboa Park@ SD and visited this amazing exposition, World Bodies.. WwOOWOWOowoW amaaaaaazing.. All these plastified corpses in interesting poses.. COoOOOll... I couldnt take pictures, tough.. Boo..But here's the museum, in any case. And my hand. Very interesting!

"Baby". Meditation time.
Now Im @ San Francisco. Im on my happy mood and I plan to keep it for a while. I dont want to get melancholic.!! I went to the ODC Company today to know about the dance lesson schedule.. it looks very cool.. Busy weekend ahead!!
Im staying at this supercool artist's studio in mission district.. I'll ask my host for permission to post the pics of his place.. He is from Hong Kong and he is a wonderful cook. So sweet and gentle too.. I couldnt be in better hands..!!

Well, I'll post SF pictures later or tomorrow.. I think I need to get ready to go out. Im turning a little lazy.. but I know I'll regret staying here like an old lady.

Hugs people, I miss you!!! :(