Sunday, August 16, 2009

In case you can't sleep, u can read this. Or not.

Hey there hey there.. My blog was not dead, it was just partying (awful translation for the mexican phrase No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda).. or I was just lacking commitment haha -as usual!!-.. but anyways, Im back home on this virtual desert, where I share my secrets with my 3 readers and myself. So well.. wow, Im amazed about how fast time goes by.. still I remember my US trip as it was 2 weeks ago. I want to post my favourite pics of it and I will soon enough. My laptop is dead for some unknown problem from hell and I cant fix it cuz I cant find the computer guy's number.. ha..!

So well I will just post stupid things Ive been thinking about (and that every blogger has on itr blog eventually, hoho) writing a list of things I like. Maybe someday if virtual society lasts forever, my child will read it and think Im super cool or maybe not and I will read it later and feel embarassed and erase it hahaha no.. I think I like myself and I will think I was supercool.. dooh.. ok, I'll start, cuz I think Ive written so much already that all my fans have left my blog by now hahaha

1. I like waking up and feeling my feet bones pop while I walk
2. I like mornings and waking up early
3. I like crazy shoes & accesories

4. I like to stare at people and imagine their lifes
5. I like wandering on cities I dont know
6. I love old bookstores & getting lost for hours, sitting on the floor with lots of books around me. And not necessarily buying.
7. I like weird people
8. I like drinking on baby bottles
9. I like eating!!

10. I like giving away smiles!!
11. I like free hugging but Im not sure I would do it anywhere hahaha specially in Mexico.. booo..!!
12. I think I would like to crash on a wedding or something like that
13. I like mixing up languages while I talk

14. I like to use very little water
15. I like to show off.. damn!
16. I dont like that Im a show off
17. I like men a lot :)
18. I like women! I think -almost- every woman has something nice :D
19. I like being a bit mean sometimes.. (come on, everybody loves it )
20. But I love being nice

21. I get shivers and extreme happiness when Im around art (mostly museums, concerts, architecture or dancing)

22. I like maps and figuring out directions.
23. I love children and I think I would babysit but I still feel it would be awful to be a mother right now hahaha
24. I like typing without looking at the keyboard (and Im proud Im fast hahaha)
25. I like talking to any random person I find when Im travelling
26. I like my CS profile hahaha
27. I like food with "errors" like cold pizza or anything right out of the fridge
28. I like quotes from songs when they have something to do with a situation hahaha
29. I like goofing around

30. I would disguise myself SO often..
31. I love mexican folk clothes but I would look like a piñata so I dont wear them jahah
32. I love fake nails but I dont use them often cuz Im cheap and I think they're stupid but I love them.. but they're stupid..

33. I think dressing up is unnecessary and kind of arcaic but I like it. I think the same about high heels and I still wear them.
34. I would love to have an orphanage and then train generations of kids to become artists and create a ballet company, LOL
35. I like to knit so much!! I like old lady stuff like baking and crosspoint, ha!

36. I like to watch people draw and I keep their drawings

37. I like waking up next to the guy I like :)
38. I used to have dreams with natural disasters (like a tsunami that hit my hotel once haha) or people that were chasing me to kill me & stuff haha
39. I like NONSENSE

40. I like NONSENSE
41. I like repeating.
42. I have a feeling that Im destined to do something BIG but I do nothing about it and just wait for something EXTRAORDINARY to happen yet I know its very likely not to happen.
42. I dont like that I talk a lot sometimes :(
43. Sometimes I seriously think Im losing it. Seriously.
44. Im an absolute fan of Monty python & Les Luthiers
45. I could live out of cheese & thaï food.
46. I dance on public places when Im happy

47. I think about corepgraphies when Im listening to music and sometimes its annoying cuz I cant help it.
48. Im jealous about my closest friends and I wish they'd all be bachelors, lol

49. I still like when my mom pampers me
50. I GO CRAZY WITH SPRINGBOARDS but I dont like to get all sweaty on them
51. I want to go to the gym but I hate to dress for it cuz I hate how I look.
51. I get all anxious about big libraries and I get the feeling of nothingness..
52. I love visiting cemeteries and wonder about those people's lifes..
53. I also like to look at old, broken, little or lost tombs and take a minute to think about people underneath them as I feel they're alone.
54. I like geography a lot.
55. I like eating brekfast early in the morning and in the garden.
56. I love sitting in parks and walking barefooted on the grass.
57. I like my big nose, my big eyes and my big legs (although I never find jeans my size)

58. Ive decided I will only wear dresses and spandez and be happy and comfortable
59. I think it's hilarious that I have to check if my doggie is still breathing while he's sleeping cuz he's super old..

60. I love penpals and Im a great one.
61. I get super thrilled and excited about developping pictures and picking them up.
62. I like my Bomba Rosa nickname!!! :D Thanks, bro!! My brother's message: EL APODO ME LO PUSO MI HERMANO QUES UN CHINGÓN. SI QUIEREN UNO COMO EL MÍO HABLEN CON ÉL.

63. I have lots of friends and I really love every single one. Im so corky.
64. I love to compete (although I'd love to be sporty, I love arty or intellectual competitions)
65. I like exams!!!!! YES I DO!! But only when Im good or know the answers, lol

66. Its a pleasure to write with good ortography in spanish (in english too, but ironically I didnt know how to properly write this phrase)
67. I love zombie movies!! The whole zombie concept is awesome!!
68. I love kitsch stuff and when I have my appt ouff.. it'll be full of it.

69. I also love flea markets but I get grossed out of 2nd hand clothes hahaha
70. When I tavel the only thing I dont hesitate about buying are books & postcards.
71. When I was a child I used to be gentle with my stuff animals cuz I thought otherwise they would hurt me in my sleep.
72. I would have deffinetily ( I hate that word, I never know how to write it) lived in the Art Déco era :)
73. I DO believe there's a Prince Charming for me, ha! But I try to be a Princess Charming myself! :P
74. When I was a teenager I used to draw comics.
75. When I visit a museum on my own I often start talking to random visitors about what Im looking at.
76. Watching the "Picasso et les maîtres" exhibit in Paris was one of the happiest moments in my life.

77. I absolutely LOVE swings!!!!

78. I love my fridge magnets

79. I love collage!

...To be continued 'till infinity.