Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super cool and kitsch... and timeless

This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.. haha seriously!!
This is pure art..!!! And in the middle of the 1929 crisis..
I hope you enjoy at least a little :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

"...If you cooome.. to Saaan Fraaaan-ciscoooooo... "

So yeah here we are in this wonderful city once again... for the 3rd time hahaha.. and won't ever get tired of it. 3 wonderful experiences with beautiful people each trip. I've got each time more pictures and less words for you awesome readers who will spend 15 average fullfilling minutes "reading" a blog which this time happens to be mine..! Im so lucky to have your presence here on the hallways of your home-blog. Feel free to leave (don't) anytime (not really, I will feel offended).
Ok.. so.. amm.. China Town pictures
A guy my friend Saiman might hire for next chinese new year thing.. playing at the hallway recieving guests.. nice. We'll have to come back to be at the party!! What do you say, garlic man?

Some more pics.
We were walking and found some books flying and their words lying on the floor:
Not even a bit cliché..

Mother's day in chinese

Saiman adding the final touch to our chinese meal:

Somewhere near Union Square, I really like this thing of sticking cards on your bike's wheels :)Here I am as a ghost in JapanTown: Happy Cherry Blossom Day by the way...

So this are two girls watching the Festival. It was crazy.. everyone dressed up as Cartoon characters, lol... like this guy, who worked hard all day, taking pictures.. I dunno how he was still alive, as it was friggin hooooooooot and he was wearing that.. hehehe

And now some hippie stuff from Haight & Ashbury.. We went to Amoeba store, where I get really anxious about the 3000 titles they have.. so I just waited outside while homeless people offered me pot. Cute hahaha
A street musician.. actually part of a pretty good band.. I filmed a short part of one of their songs.. I'll upload a video section tomorrow or the next day maybe :)
So.. that's pretty much it, people.. today.. hot day.. HOT day. I just decided to hang out inside the house to wait for the day to cool down a bit and to be over soon (I just want it to be tomorrow already). Later maybe some dance lessons but Im feeling a little down misssing people & stuff.. Maybe it will cheer me up. I dunno.. Maybe I'll just keep on with the collage project Ive started. More about the collage project soon :)

I miss you, BJK, lol... Tomorrow...!!!

San Diego emotional journey.

Well hello there my faithful fellow followers, friends; impressive number of readers.
I know you had a hard time cuz I dissapeared this week but I'm a nice girl so I'll take my time to tell you about my trip and so then you will enjoy yourselves till unimagined states of mind
So last week I was @ my aunt's place in San Diego, but I didn't have wireless so couldnt reallyy post any pictures, but from now on you won't get rid of me that easy (ñ.ñ)
So my aunt had this huge backyard makeover.. hawaiian area; fountains, waterfalls, flowers, etc.. That's serious! Fun stuff: they had this bee fight with african bees which attacked the Bee killing company guy.. I have no pics of that. booOoOo (Ok its not that funny, he got hit in the cheeck!)
But I have a pic of the truck and my aunt bossing. She's great at bossing. :D

We went to IMAX dome thing to watch OceanOasis show..wOoOwoow.. we went to the zoo.. we went to see my cousin.. it was his birthday. BTW, he won -again- California's Attorney of the Year Award (something like that.. :O) here's a pic of him and my aunty and his sweet girlfriend.. (she's half cuban but speaks no spanish.. BooO) She's beautiful and sweet. She gave me a whole bottle of ice tea.. yummi.
Well here are some of the ZoOoOo pics.. I was so excited!! I walked like stupid trying to find the apes and I found elephants, giraffes, koala bears, birdies..!! Awesome. Expensive too hahaha.. A Coke 5 dollars.. Dang. I just refilled my water bottle on the bathroom. Very healthy and sexy! hahah

some more animal pics: ELEPHANT SHOES!!! ;)

If there was a cuteness contest, this guy would win:

Ok so.. I also visited Old Town.. which is kind of a terrible turistic thing imitating Mexico hahaha but it was fun.. anyways, I met this nice CS named Taylor and went out eating Thaï.. Then headed to his place to chill.. He had a party the night before so he cleant the whole time, LOL Here he is: haaaa funny.


Then umm.. Well, here you have oldtown pictures..

In front of very beautiful barbie dolls and with my new grannie sunglasses, which I LOVE.

Looking absolutely gorgeous. LOL

@ the bay area..

Mm... what else? Aw the other day I had this huge emotional breakdown.. homesick.. missing my family, missing Brent. Dang!!! I cried like a baby for hours and couldnt sleep.. but watched youtube videos -since I didnt have msn-.. I found an amazing variation from a ballet called Bayadera.. I'll post the video later.. It kind of saved my night. I also decided to stay a couple more days in SD.. I needed COZY baaaad.This is me watching ballet and you can see my TIRED expression!!

That's what you get when you have an anxiety attack. Ok.. aw, and last tuesday I went to Balboa Park@ SD and visited this amazing exposition, World Bodies.. WwOOWOWOowoW amaaaaaazing.. All these plastified corpses in interesting poses.. COoOOOll... I couldnt take pictures, tough.. Boo..But here's the museum, in any case. And my hand. Very interesting!

"Baby". Meditation time.
Now Im @ San Francisco. Im on my happy mood and I plan to keep it for a while. I dont want to get melancholic.!! I went to the ODC Company today to know about the dance lesson schedule.. it looks very cool.. Busy weekend ahead!!
Im staying at this supercool artist's studio in mission district.. I'll ask my host for permission to post the pics of his place.. He is from Hong Kong and he is a wonderful cook. So sweet and gentle too.. I couldnt be in better hands..!!

Well, I'll post SF pictures later or tomorrow.. I think I need to get ready to go out. Im turning a little lazy.. but I know I'll regret staying here like an old lady.

Hugs people, I miss you!!! :(

Saturday, April 11, 2009

free counters


Hey guess what. Im so wonderful that I discovered how to post images. So here you have my wonderful reaction to my happy birthday surprise. You cant see the whole decoration cuz Brent wanted to emphasize on my beauty obviously. But behind thered baloon you have the nice basket, the eggs, the candy, etc..

Here you have a non-blue one:

I was so shocked I fell sideways. hahahaha

And here's the last one where Im showing my new body lotion:

I introduce you officially to my new look. Shorter hair and went back to the blondies.. But now I cant hide my eyes anymore ;)

Here's breakfast:
Here's me posing for Candece (I look so natural):

Some of the Dinosaur pics:

Pretty cool, huh??

And this is Brent very inspired:

This is another girl with her groupies at her feet:

Friday, April 10, 2009

How to begin a whole new blog?? Well, I have to say that its my first 25 year old day---They say life starts at 25!! (its not that I really believe that but Im grabbing strongly to that line so I dont feel so bad!! haha)--- so I guess its the perfect pretext to start a post!! :D

Ive been for a whole week here in Bakersfield, CA wow, that's a long link.. I guess I'll get better at this.. haha

And so well yeah a whole week and so far 'til my birthday everything had been really slow and not very interesting. Ive been having a good time though, walking and having indian, thaï and japanese food.. yummi...

Yesterday, for my birthday.. Brent fixed this cool surprise at my room...While I was sleeping he arranged the room with happy birthday signs and ballons and an easter bunny basket full of eggs. Each egg had a message on it certifying me to get a massage, etc hahaha very funny and very convenient btw.. LOL

What else? A nice body lotion, a card with a beautiful PUG dog on it.. a special CD.. =) and two lottery little cards, you know, sctratchable ones.. (I won 3 dollars!!!) Isnt he a total sweetie?? :*

Ok after that amazing morning of wonderful presents haha Brent went to work and I went to downtown Bakersfield. After he went into backstage and got me my VIP pass (cuz Im very important -and it was my birthday too so I was pretty much the queen of the world-), I went out of the Arena to have breakfast. It was there where I was quite lost in the middle of nowhere.

I was trying to cross the street -I feel really stupid in america waiting for the little white guy at the traffic light to tell me to walk when the street is EMPTY- when this teenage couple got in front of me paitently (¿?) waiting to cross. I decided I would ask them how to get somewhere I could find food -or human life- and so I inmediatly saw they felt sorry for me cuz I had no car. They offered a ride!!! Yeeeei!!! -as ifI wasnt used to get into stranger's cars.. Ive done worse!!!-

so well yeah.. they were surprised a mexican was wandering alone in Bakersfield. I told them I was with the dino show and they liked the idea. Im such a show off. It took us 3 minutes to get there and so I thought it wouldnt have been that bad to walk, hehehe also, 3 minutes was enough for me to tell them abouot couchsurfing, my birthday, Brent, the dinos and even writing down my email and stuff. So in this wonderful restaurant where they serve AWESOME omelettes.. OMG.. Ive got a picture to document the success haha i met this waitress who was really nice and gentle -I know they want their tips, but she had a nice heart..!- we became friends when I told her I was alone on my birthday haha.. she took a picture of me and felt pity too., lol.. she got so excited when I told her about the dino show.. she said what -according to Brent- everybody says: " Aw I want to go so baaaad.. but its so expensive...!!" And I agree.

So I went out of the restaurant not after having my nice hashbrown craving satisfied and exchangin emails with "Candece"... This post is turning so long..!!

Ok to make a long story short.. I wrote my sis a postcard while on breakfast.. telling her I feel somehow released from a load I had been carrying the last few weeks I was 24y-o...

Its not that bad to be 25!! So far I think my life has been pretty sweet!! I chose this freelance lifestyle and so Im sticking to it baby!!!

Also everything happens for a reason. I quit my job, I travel with my parents.. I meet this guy, this guy is great.. we decide to see what happens and we try.. wonderful things happen from bad situations.. :D so far so good...!

I wanted to go to a bookstore-apparently the only interesting thing, cuz nobody could tell me about any museum- so I had to walk for 2 miles or wait for the bus-- chose the bus and so waited sitting on the sidewalk -in a cute dress- for 45 minutes woooOHoo!!! I painted my nails anyways... haha I ot to the bookstore and it was disney mainheim, hahaha but all I got was a knitting kit.. Ive been knitting crosswork since, LOL

So I got back on the bus which luckily didnt take long to come, but surprise, there was this guy -who also was at the bookstore- carrying this kind of mat and his bag.. looking quite messy.. and very hyper... talking to this random girl at the bus.. he liked my dress and made sure I noticed his remark by screaming it a few times.. very creepy. He couldnt stop talking -or shaking or bouncing his leg- and the girl next to him seemed very please with his conversation.

Behind me a man so close to my neck I could feel his breathing. I wish I could have got out of that bus but I was on a hurry cuz I needed to get back to the Arena and these stupid buses had strange schedules. Strange was the word of the day.

I got back to the Arena and got inside with my VIP pass-- OMG Im so important- and so met Brent, who took me straight to my seat. The show started, I was excited as I was in mexico the firs time I saw it.. but I was very tired cuz of the stress and the stupid 45 min waiting at the unmercyful Bakersfield sun. and so yeah the first dino goes out and Im like, thats Breeeeeeeeent hahahah and all of a sudden brent turns left and almost takes Pangea with him.. SHIT. my heart almost got out of my chest!!! Ok he saved it, ok, some reverse and everything is cool again.. ouff..

"I hope they dont kill him for that!" I thought over and over.. so each time he was out wih one of his dinos I couldnt keep calm.

Ok so the show was over after an hour or so.. I took pretty nice pics.. will post them here.. I already posted them in FB actually.

After the show Brent was quite down, couldnt blame him.. I wish I could have done something to help!!

We came back to the hotel and then went out to this karaoke place. I didnt want to go actually, but it was my birthday after all.. :)

It was pretty good! hahaha I hate country music -or used to- and guess what, a country karaoke! hahaha Never say never.. lately Ive been really amazed about plurality, which means Im open for anything. Im willing to catch the bright side of everything..

And so, it was actually pretty cool!! Guess who opened the scenario? Brent singing Michael Jackson "The way you make me feel"... dedicated to ME of course hahahaha I was feeling so bad for him because he sang the whole thing imitating that high tune hahhha...

We decided to leave the thing at midnight or something like that, and called a cab.

Its one of those nights, Brent kept saying...

And hell yeah..

Flat tire...


But I felt bad for our taxi driver.. a girl a little older than me who was feeling like crap when she noticed the tire thing (after like 10 minutes of driving hahaa)...

We finally got back..

one of those days.. !!

Thanks for reading this whole post.. I dunno if I would!!

But Im not a good friend like you, guys!!

I love you very much and snd you big kisses. Im planning my next week. Brent says Im lazy.. I guess I am!!!

Im going to San Francisco tough, to have a nice week of dancing.. Havent danced in a while!!! :O That sucks a lot.

Ps. I just want to say that Ive been trying to add some pictures but I suck at posting so far. I promise I will solve that asap!!!