Friday, September 18, 2009

Ana according to Facebook.

Ok so yeah, I lose most of my precious & valuable thesis time on Facebook solving stupid quizzes, so why not make a nice compendium out of them to see if we can find a pattern!

So here we go..

If I had a genius inside, it would be Aristotle.. If I was an Alice in wonderland character, I would be the CAT.. According to my friends, I would get out of trouble by smiling, I would dance the night away and be the most creative. According to them, I also have the best hair, Im the best singer and dancer and Im very comfident (hahah)..

If my life was a movie it would be a comedy. If I was a female action hero I'd be either Superwoman or Princess Leia (pretty cool). If I fell for a certain kind of boy it would be either the funny frat boy or the intelectual nerdy one. I would be Snoopy if I was a Peanuts character, I'd be Krusty the Clown if I lived in Springfield but I could also be Apu.

If I was a drink I would be Tequila or Red wine.. According to the IQ test I have 113 points but in the Traveller IQ Im pretty much an idiot.

-so far we can calculate that I lost like 2339387 hours in FB. I still have information.-

Im 56% spoiled (I think that's way too modest), I'd be Ted Bundy if I was a serial killer and Fidel Castro if I was a dictator. As an Indian God I would be Krishna and if I was a book, I would be a horror novel.

Im 75% cute vs. 25% sexy. If I was a literature character I'd be Hamlet and in Chinese Philosophy I would be Mozi (??). If I was an art movement I would be surrealism, and amongst the Greek Gods, I'm Thanatos!

If I was a painting I would be Munch's Scream, and if I was a musical instrument I would be a piano.

My love language is Acts of service, my brain age is 22, if I was a Southpark character I'd be that guy that says mmmmK ? all the time..

My ideal guy should be italian and my real nationality should be french.

How about that bunch of BS?? Did you enjoy? Me either!!! hahaha I just felt the need to steal some good time from your life, time you won't get back ever!!! hahaha Who am I kidding? I have 3 readers.. thanks for passing by!!! :P